Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28th July; Gypsy

Skirt- Vintage
Top- Primark 
Necklace- Topshop
Shoes- Zara

I admit this is a daring outfit for what we in Britain call "summer" (i.e. the days when its not raining), my legs felt a tad chilly. However this skirt is perfect and I've been dying to wear it ever since I bought it on Depop! I love my grey suede skirt and this this definitely a dreamy upgrade! *heart eyed emoji* I paired it with this gypsy style top I got from Primark (Not somewhere I usually shop but I found it for £2 and couldn't say no), I've decided the off shoulder style is most flattering for me so i'm stocking up! I've realised aside from the skirt, this outfit is made from 100% sale buys...I don't know if thats a good or bad thing :/ I've now gotten in the habit of only buying things on sale, aside from vintage I can't remember the last thing I bought that was full price!!!

So despite not going on a hot and sunny holiday this year, i'm off to Cornwall with the family in a couple of weeks! Should be a nice break, and hopefully we'll get some decent weather.

Love Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22nd July; Lioness

Top- Topshop
Trousers- Vintage
Shoes- Zara

A late night blog post from me tonight, also known as "I have no time for anything anymore". My life seems to have become ridiculously busy lately, even though I'm not really working that much there always seems to be something going on! I do apologise for the "extreme resting bitch" face here I admit I was in a bad mood plus half my face was numb from going to the dentist (yet this was the only day I had free to blog so photo-ready I made myself), plus my hair just went insane and yeah I don't know haha. However, on days like this dressing bright and colourful always cheers me up! I love love LOVE these trousers I got for a tenner in my local vintage shop COW, and I scored these leather cow hair sliders in the Zara sale for £13- as you can probably tell I'm majorly in to sliders this year! Maybe its because my new job means working with shoes all day- I've finally seen the light!! 

What's you guys's fave shoe style this season?!
Love Elizabeth xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

17th July; 21

Jumper- vintage 
Skirt- Vintage via Beyond retro 
Shoes- Topshop

This is officially my favourite outfit EVER. Well, so far. I can't tell you how long I've been after a jumper like this, so when it came up on Depop i had to buy it...it cost a lot but it was 100% worth it. And it was the perfect birthday attire for tuning the big old 2-1...scary stuff. I'm having a quarter life crisis guys help. However, I spent the day shopping (sales are pretty rubbish though so didn't return with much) and had a lovely meal with cake and cocktails last night...aaaaaaand tomorrow morning I'm returning to Newcastle!!! I'm so so SO excited since i haven't been back since leaving for placement last December! I plan to dress up in heels and drink alcohol, so all in all a pretty good weekend!

Love Elizabeth xx  

Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July; Big Bird

Cardigan- Asos
Dress- Topshop
Sliders- Office 

100% feeling Big Bird vibes here, you know the big yellow feathery character from sesame street? I've had this cardigan for a couple of months now- I bought it as a "congrats on finishing placement" present for myself- but just haven't gotten around to wearing it. I love it but its not exactly flattering, i.e it makes me look about 5x the size I am. The things we do for fashion eh hahah. 

Summer has reached that depressing point when all I see on instagram is holiday photos and cocktails on the beach...my life however currently consists of trying to sunbathe in the garden/working. Safe to say its not exactly exciting...Plus I turn 21 next week which is just depressing in itself!! No idea what to do for it, but I am finally getting a decent sewing machine yaaay!!! 

Have a lovely weekend,
Love Elizabeth xx

Monday, 6 July 2015


Skirt- ASOS
Shoes- Topshop
Shirt- Vintage 

This is one of those times where I'm looking at my face like "wtf is happening here", I think I'm squinting in every single pic #brightprobs...this is probably why so many other bloggers opt for sunglasses on photos haha. Anyway, ever since my Asos denim skirt arrived in the post last week I've been dying to wear it, so decided to pair it with a funky vintage shirt and my favourite shoes of the moment; I've worn these sandals soooo much already and they're super comfortable! I'm tempted to order more in different colours, but shall resist. I've bought 4 pairs of shoes in the last 4 weeks...its not good guys, not good. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Friday, 3 July 2015

3rd July; A confession

Capri Pants- Vintage
Top- Topshop
Sliders- Office + customised 
Earrings- Brick Lane market 

I realise I've been totally lacking on the blog front recently, but today i have the day off work and figured I'd post this summer filled outfit. Truthfully I've not been that "in to" blogging recently, fort many reasons that I'm not going to bore you with now! But I will say the thing I love most about blogging is it makes me feel connected to the fashion world; theres so many people on this planet that having a blog makes me feel like I have my own space, I can connect with people all over the world and share my passion through clothing. It sounds stupid, but I like to think one day i can look back on this web page and see my journey through fashion- I am studying as a degree after all. I think the reason I've not really been crazy about blogging is- and things are about to get personal right now- it takes a whack at my self-esteem. I'll see a photo and be like "Oh god i'm so fat, I can't post that" and have a mini melt down. And thats MY issue (I'm not going in to details about it because I don't feel comfortable sharing that part of my life), and I realise now i need to control it. I need to accept and embrace the fact I'm not a skinny-minnie woman with naturally tiny legs and can look good in anything. If you've followed my blog for a while you can see the difference in how I looked about 3 years ago compared to now, and I guess its hard to let go of. Basically I need learn to accept who I am, how I look; I'm tall, so I'm not naturally tiny, and I have boobs, which in its self is a big issue for me as it always makes me look out of proportion.  

I've wanted to write something like this for a while now, and finally had the guts to do it after seeing so many other amazing bloggers do  the same with no fear. Sometimes the only way we can move on and be okay, is to get everything off our chests and stop feeling like we're hiding from the world. Everyone has there own issues with themselves, but i guess its about learning to accept who you are and stop comparing yourself to other people (something I always do, which isn't good!). Anyways, I hope this inspires you- if you haven't given up reading this long essay- and its not too cheesy. Its a difficult post for me to write, but I'm just going to do it. 

Love Elizabeth xx
p.s I had to post this photo because I can't stop laughing at myself hahhahaa 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Barbie Girl

Trousers- Cow Vintage
Top- Topshop
Sliders- Office and customised.

This feels like the first proper post I've done in a while, so I'm sat listening to country music (guilty pleasure...I'm not sorry) and attempting to make the best of the weather. Despite the sun making me want to dress nice and take photos, it always, ALWAYS causing problems within the lens...hence why biblical light appears to be shining down on me. Cheers to my sister for letting me know- not! I realise this looks is kind of..."clown" like, but i like it. I also customised my £5 sliders with some vintage stickers I found hidden in a draw of my house! They'll probably come off when I wear them but for now they look super sassy- Barbie would be proud. Feel weird having my toes out, i hate my toes but in summer its unavoidable. 

I'm currently spending my time either working, doing arty-stuff, and selling my clothes on Depop. I officially admit it; I own too many clothes. You know when you have so many clothes, that you end up finding about 5 pieces of clothing in the back of a draw, that still have tags on and you didn't even know you had? Yeah, that. So I'm literally just selling stuff mega cheap because i have no room for it! I was gonna throw it in a charity bag, but i figured I'd try selling it first...does that make me uncharitable? Oh well, if you fancy a look my depop is the same as my instagram: elizabethbryony 

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! 
Love Elizabeth xx