Thursday, 18 December 2014

18th December; Glitter and Crochet

Waistcoat- Vintage via Charity Sop
Top- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Public Desire

Is this outfit brave or stupid for the winter weather...I can't decide. But I've been wanting to wear this crochet waistcoat ever since I found it in a charity shop for £3, and white jeans seamed like a great pairing. This shirt was a Primark bargain at only £6, but the draw back is i've seen at least 5 other people wearing it which isn't a good start! I figured it would be a good "basic" piece for last minute night out's (which at uni happened quite a lot) that i could pair with a funky skirt or something. As for the shoes...well, they were to replace my fave heeled black boots which sadly broke a few weeks ago- and I'm sorry to say these shoes are such a disappointment to me. For one thing, they hurt like HELL. I wore them on a night out and my feet are absolutely wrecked from them. And also i wore them once and some of the PU leather material ripped I know you get what you pay for but still. I'm hoping I can gradually wear them in like I have with other shoes in the past haha! 

So I've FINALLY got my Christmas shopping done (yep, left it to the last minute oops!) and I'm exhausted from it. I dread to think what it's going to be like at the weekend! So I'm snuggled up on the sofa watching home alone and relaxing!

Love Elizabeth xx

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

16th December; Up Town Funk

Shirt- Vintage 
Skirt- H&M 
Hat and bag- River Island
Shoes- ASOS

And so, the blogger hath returned! And with a typically colourful outfit- and I thought this was the perfect title choice as this song's currently topping the charts I believe. And some how i managed to pick a day where it was sunny instead of throwing it down with rain, yay! Since I'm back at home for these next 3 weeks before moving to London (eeek!), I plan to blog as much as possible. 

I've been after a bright funky shirt for months and could never find one that ticked the boxes, so when I stumbled across this on Depop it had to be mine! Today's outfit is more about the styling than anything- it's not like me to dress down with a boring black skirt. But I thought it would emphasise the colours in the shirt, as well as my dreamy Mongolian fur bag. I got this bag a while back and managed to get in knocked down to £20 because it said it was broken (basically the chain had come off..but it unhooks anyway, but i wasn't going to point that out hehehe) from £40, which was quite the bargain since it's real fur! 

Not gonna lie, I am so unorganised this Christmas...I've done no Christmas shopping. It really doesn't feel like Christmas this year and i don't know why?! 
Have you guys sorted you Christmas shopping yet? 

Love Elizabeth xxx

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Wish List

Clockwise from top left:
Mohair Jumper- H&M £34.99
I've realised I do not own many jumpers, which considering I live in Britain which is basically cold all the time, seems stupid. But I have to say I'm quite fussy about my knit wear, i like it to have some sort of real wool in it rather than pure acrylic crap (despite the 50/50 chance it will get damaged in the wash). I adore the olive/mustard colour of this piece, and it'll be perfect for layering up this winter.

Converse- £40
This is more of a practical item as I have too many shoes with a chunky heel on them, and because i'm going to be running around London come January (god that sounds scary) I need a comfy practical shoe. i do own converse but they're far too scruffy to even see the light of day for the most part. 
Lime Furry Clutch- Zara £19.99
Because clearly owning 7 fluffy bags already just isn't enough. I am a furry bag addict it would seem. I'm not usually a fan of neon things (for the most part I feel they should be kept hidden unless you're off to a UV rave in ibitza) but there's something about this quirky little bag I love. i reckon it would jazz up a boring LBD for a night out perfectly. 

Satin Shift Dress- ASOS £45
I love the colour of this bonded satin dress, if it comes in the sale i'm deffo treating myself- I cannot afford to spend £45 on a dress right now #studentlife.   

Rainbow Fur Coat- Story of Lola @ ASOS £90
Okay this is quite possibly the most perfect coat I've ever come across in my life. But A) its out of stock and B) it's £90 *cries*. It's so dreamy though, maybe one day I'll be able to afford rainbow furry coats- but today is not that day. 

Fluffy Heels-  Public Desire £23.99
Another fluffy item, you've probably all seen the furry "princess" shoe craze- Topshop, Miss Guided, everywhere seems to be doing them. I do actually need some decent heels for nights out (although I admit I rarely wear heels i'm more of a chunky boot gal) that aren't ridiculously high and come with a danger warning. I think these are a bargain too! Plus they come in a range of colours like pink, white and red I think. 

Cross Earrings- Rock n Rose £21
I discovered these beauties on ASOS a while back and fell in love! They're so tacky that they're fabulous. I'm a sucker for chunky earrings, plus they're very vintage looking which I love. 

Letter Choker- Topshop £12
This is just adorable, you can put anything you want on your choker depending on how you feel, what's better than that! I can see myself having hours of entertainment with this haha! 

So anyway, first off, apologies for the terrible lack of posts- it's been about 3 weeks since I last wrote! But I've been so stressed and ridiculously swamped with uni work for the most part, but also since being back at uni I don't have anyone to take outfit photos for me unless I go home. But as of next weekend i'll be back home and ready to blog! I can't wait- not just for the blogging, I mean for the going home part. I have to say second year is a lot more intense (which i guess is to be expected!), we have a lot more work and much higher standards to reach. 

I move to London on the 3rd of January to start placement so I won't have a lot of time at home! But I can't wait to be around family this Christmas, especially as I have a lot going on at the moment! I've finished my uni assignments, I've sorted placement, and now I'm ready to destress and have some fun. If you follow me in instagram  I post a lot more frequently and follow for updates on my new london adventure in January!! 

Thanks for baring with my busy life and lack of posts, and hello to all new followers! :3 

Love Elizabeth xx

Thursday, 13 November 2014

13th November; Geometry

Dress- Textile Federation 
Jacket- Topshop
Earrings- H&M
Shoes- Garage

So as you can tell, I managed to squeeze in another outfit post when I was at home over the weekend! I've been dying to wear this dress for ages- okay well, in the two weeks since I bought it- and I'd had my eye on it for weeks so when it came in the UO sale, it had to be mine. I thought i'd incorporate my transparent coat with it, since i've not really worn it that much despite having throughout this rainy weather. Colour is slowly creeping back in my wardrobe and I love it. 

Anyway, I've been super stressed and super busy as my course is insane at the moment, I have so much work to get done before Christmas. I've literally been working ALL day everyday, and only breaking to sleep pretty much; it's exhausting. BUT, I have some exciting news; As of January 2015 I am officially moving to London!!! I've gotten a placement with a designer (who I won't mention as I'm still not clear on the whole confidentiality thing?!) company down there and am interning!! It's scary but so exciting! Of course I have no idea where the hell I'm going to live, plus I have a ton of assignments being dumped on me DAILY so the word stressed is an understatement! But anyway, i went down to London on Monday for a couple of interviews and the next day i got an offer! :D 

Right, anyway i must get back to my wild life of- you guessed it- coursework. i swear by the end of this course I'm going to end up with a hunch back from all the drawing and sewing. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

8th November; Don't

Crochet Jumper- Depop
Trousers- River Island
Bag- Charity Shop
Shoes- Garage
Hello my lovelies! 
I feel like I really don't blog enough anymore but whenever I'm at home I try my best to get outfits shot and posted! Like today- despite it raining horribly and been a pain to find a window where the sky was clear. But anyway, I've come home for a long weekend as I'm off on an adventure to London on Monday, so of course I planned outfits ahead (hey I'm a fashion student, what do you expect?!).  Today was spent wandering around my fave vintage shops and going for lunch with my mamma, a nice break because I've been working so hard lately. Despite it raining and generally being grim weather, i wanted to wear something colourful so chose my treasured crochet jumper, paired with my wool dog tooth trousers. And how cute is my new necklace?! the little Elephants are adorable, I've been after a statement necklace for a while, something unusual and this is perfect to add to any outfit!! I can't remember how I came across Sour Cherry but I'm deffo gonna be going back as they have the most adorably quirky jewellery. 

So life is pretty stressful at the moment, I'm pretty much in uni 9-6 everyday working hard and various projects, plus trying to get ready for placement on the side of all that- it's quite intense! Like i said i've come home for the weekend which is a nice break, but am still doing uni work as I have so much to get through! Anyway, apologies for lack of posts, enjoy this loon-ish photo of me;

standard trying-to-be-cute-with-dog photo...she just loves the camera really. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Wish List;

Clockwise from left:
Ahh I've wanted this for so long!! Its just so ME (i.e. shiny, and hologramy and just wacky). But I honestly don't think i'd wear it that much as it's very "out there", and it's just too much to spend on something I wouldn't get much wear out of. I do love it though. Maybe one day!!
Public Desire "Sharnie" boots 
I've only recently stumbled across Public Desire, and since I've been on the look out for a new fair of chunky boots- mine are on their last that a pun?- and these ones are perfect. I do plan to order them at some point, maybe as an early Christmas prezzie!
Another thing I've been after for ages after finding it tucked away in the magical land of Urban Outfitters. I'm determined to save up £48 to buy this!
I just adore the colour of this lemon Mongolian fur scarf, it would definately brighten up a dull winters outfit. 
I really don't need another coat (then again, is there such a thing as too many coats?) but i would make an exception for this one. Its just perfect.
I can't express how much i love this bag!! After falling head over heels for Moschino's latest collection this dupe was the best thing EVER! I'm so close to ordering, it's just the shipping and custom fees that worry me as it's from America. It is fab though.
I just think this bag would be a perfect addition to my furry bag collection! 
I admit I was naughty and ordered this necklace the other day. But I've been on the look out for a statement necklace for some time, and there was something about this one I just loved. Plus look at the little elephants, they are adorable.

Hey guys, 
so I haven't done a wish list in forever and since my blog feels a little neglected lately I thought i'd put something together showing you my winter wants at the moment (yes there is a lot...why oh why do I not have unlimited amounts of money?!). I really hate abandoning my blog, but it's nearly impossible to get outfit photos whilst I'm at uni! If you follow me on instagram I post a lot more (cough cough, selfies) regularly! But what would you guys like the read on here is what i want to know? would you enjoy more fashion-written posts, or just outfits like I usually post? 
Let me know your thoughts! :) 

Love Elizabeth xx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28th October; Glass

Dress- Topshop Boutique
Bag- I made
Shoes- Garage
Choker- ebay 

So i am writing this post from my brand new mac book!!! Very exciting for me but probably of no interest to you guys. I went home at the weekend for my dad's 50th birthday partaaay and this is what i wore (I managed to get a few photos in-between the mayhem preparing to feed 100+ guests...). I got this dreamy silk dress with the mesh back detail in the Topshop sale, from their Boutique line (which I love, and am forever wishing I can afford) reduced from £90 to £20- quite the bargain!!! I've actually had it a couple of months and just never had a chance to wear it. It's kinda too dressy for a casual day, but also too boring for a night out? I think its the long sleeves, i can see myself getting far too hot in long sleeves and a high neck! Plus the fact its 100% silk scares me (I'm always getting drinks spilled down me). i keep saying for some reason my style has COMPLETELY flipped to monochrome and grunge- I honestly think its the change in weather. I'm such an indecisive person and i get bored too easily. But I did accessorise it with my self-made honey monster bag :) still a fave creation of mine! 

I've come to accept that most of the time photos are not going to come out well of myself, but if I faffed around trying to get perfect lighting and angles, I'd end up with nothing to post. It's difficult to get photos to post when I'm at uni, just because I don't have anyone to help with photos. Plus i seem to be busy 24/7 lately- this is me having a break since I've been sewing since 9am!

Hope everyones had a good weekend! 
Love Elizabeth