Monday, 20 October 2014

20th October; Junk

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Pretty Little Thing
Bag- New Look
Shoes- Garage

First off, apologies for these blurry ass photos- this was the best I could get! Usually I wouldn't bother but I just HAD to share this outfit with my fellow bloggers. I was deffo channelling Moschino vibes here (if you've seen their Mcdonalds inspired collection you'll get what I mean...oh how I dream of the Happy Meal handbag!!), and I think its safe to say there was no outfit clashing with anyone on this night! 

My life at the moment is just 100% uni work, plus trying to prepare for placement in January...exciting but scary. And stressful. Thankfully I am on top of all my work, and keeping up to date, but its still a lot to get through! I'm off home for the weekend for my poppa's 50th birthday so that will be a nice I'll finally be able to get my mac book yay!! Sorry for the little life ramble haha.

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Love Elizabeth xx

Friday, 10 October 2014

10th October; Honey

Dungarees- Vintage
T-shirt- Urban Outfitters
Bag- I made
Shoes- ASOS

Yes, I am breaking a horrible fashion rule here. BLACK TIGHTS. I know they completely ruin the outfit, but its officially getting cold now. And I really wanted to wear my new dungarees that I found on ASOS Market Place for like a tenner; Bargain. I've decided I like layering, especially for the summer-autumn transition (with this British weather you never know what you're going to get) tights aside. These dungarees are quite weird because they're like made of linen, and I feel like a rice picker or a farmer or something. Kind of cool though. Of course I added a splash of colour with my tee and honey monster bag (still one of my favourite creations), despite the fact lately my style is slowly transitioning to the minimal/grunge look. I've realised that I actually change styles every season, unintentionally. I think it's the weather change. 

I am having a sneaky break from my work to write this, as I've had a hectic week getting through uni work. I have to do 300 designs for Monday, but I'm close to finishing them! Plus I need to crack on and sort out placement, there's so much to do!! D: Everything has just come at once, and my bedroom has just been taken over by designs and art supplies every where. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 4 October 2014

4th October; Clown

Shirt- Charity Shop
Top- H&M
Trousers- River Island
Shoes- ASOS

Soo as you can tell by my trusty white wall background, I'm back at home! And of course I took the opportunity to get some blogging done (props to my momma for being photographer). I'm only here for the weekend and then back off to Newcastle tomorrow. As much as I do enjoy uni life, I do love coming home once in a while and being around my family. 

Anyway, I feel I'm pretty "clown" like here, I've taken clashing prints to a new height (for me anyway); leopard, patchwork, and dogtooth. How perfect are these trousers though?! I've been searching for some checked trousers for ages and when I found these in store at River Island I couldn't not buy them. They were pretty pricey at £35 but I'm glad I got them! They're super comfortable as well. I don't tend to wear trousers a lot but lately I keep buying them (despite being a poor student I still find myself shopping way too much...really think i have a problem D: ), plus they're perfect for the transition in to winter where its no longer sensible to wear mini skirts and strappy tops. I picked up this silk shirt in charity shop and have worn it so much, its one of those pieces you can just throw on over a plain dress to jazz it up a bit, perfect when I have a 9am lecture and am too sleepy/lazy to make an effort haha.   

I plan to spent the rest of the afternoon wrapped in a blanket and sketching design ideas for my uni project (designing a collection for All amazing?!), and eating some form of take away food. I've also just ordered myself a Mac book so I'm buzzing, although will have to wait till I come home again to actually open it.

Love Elizabeth xx

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

28th September; Simple

Dress- Primark
Hat- River Island
Bag- Vintage
Boots- Garage

So my first ever post from uni- well, this year anyway. It's taken me a while to get back in to the swing of blogging this term, as it's just not as easy getting photos etc. Plus being constantly on the go means my OCD need for pictures to be good quality isn't happening, so iPhone will have to do for now. 

It might be too early to be wearing black tights but I cannot cope bare legged any more, so the black tights are out. Also I am so colourless here it's weird, but this was a day time outfit of my new fave dress (which I picked up in Primark for a fiver), and I thought I'd photograph it for a post. If you follow me on instagram I post pretty much every day with day/night outfits (overload of re-fresher night out outfit photos...) so I'm a lot more active on that! But all of a sudden lately I seem to have stopped my overly-colourful dressing, and am buying a lot of black and grey...I hope this is not a symbol of my life. Perhaps it's the gloomy weather just making me want to snuggle up in a thick winter coat and knitwear? 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

20th September; Pastel Perfect

Skirt- Topshop
Top- H&M
Shoes- Garage

This is quite possibly my dream coat! Its fur, and its pastel ahhhh love it. Literally could not contain my excitement when it arrived in the post. I decided to style it with my classic Topshop pastel skirt (which I'm pretty sure appeared on my blog like every week last winter! I've finally been reunited with it) and chunky boots. Despite my love of fur, before this I did not actually own a fur coat, mostly because they were just too expensive/I wasn't sure I dared to wear them, but I love this too much to care if its too bold! Can't wait till winter comes now so I can walk around in this coat. 

This is the last lot of photos I got before leaving home from uni so I don't know when I'll be posting again. I know I don't have a lot of readers but I really want to stay active as I just love blogging too much to give it up. It's just difficult to get photos when I'm not at home, so I'll just have to try my best! I post more regularly on instagram for follow me for updates! 

It was ironic how I wrote on this post that my internet was shocking, and then it disconnected making me lost this entire post and starting from scratch. Brilliant. Not only that but my laptop is on its last legs as well nooooo cannot live without a computer. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Monday, 15 September 2014

15th September; Dust

Top- River Island
Trousers- Topshop
Shoes- ASOS
Hat- River Island
Bag- Charity Shop
Rings- vintage/bought on holiday

So I am writing to you from my new uni room, what an organised blogger I am, having photos lined up for this week haha. Since I go on placement in January (fingers crossed someone will have me!) for the first three months of my second year at uni I've gone back in to halls. And...well, it's grim, let's just leave it at that. I moved in Saturday and I've already spent more time at my friends' cute little houses than my own flat. But anyway, this outfit is so monochrome for me, where is all the crazy colour?! Of course I jazzed it up a bit with my new fave shoes, clashing with the checked trousers but I think it works. This was just a casual shopping outfit from last week, as you can see the sun was out and no jacket was it's raining and all I can see from the grim little room is a grey sky. Wow that sounds poetic, but I'm being literal. 

I'm going to try my best to keep blogging best I can, but I won't be posting as much probably! In the mean time you can follow me here on instagram for more frequent outfit posts etc :) Has anyone else moved in to uni this weekend? How's it going?! Best of luck if you have! 

Love Elizabeth xx

Friday, 12 September 2014

12th September; 90's Sass

Playsuit- Charity Shop (£2.50!)
Shoes- Garage
Belt- New Look

Kind of love this outfit...also pretty chuffed with this charity shop find! Anything colourful and arty-print and it has to be mine instantly. I got it when I spent the day in Matlock with my family browsing around antique shops and the occasional charity shop (i.e. I dragged my parents around the chazza shops haha). And for £2.50 it was an absolute bargain, even in a charity shop since half the time the prices are pretty steep because they know vintage clothing is big now haha. I'm always on the look out for jazzy art print clothing, in vintage shops as  iaell, but this is the nicest thing I've found lately! It had shoulder pads in it but I took them out as I'm not a huuuge fan of shoulder pads (I have pretty broad shoulders as it is so prefer not to draw attention to that fact haha). I added a chunky gold belt which goes perfectly, but sadly it broke so I've returned it...I'm gutted because I've been after a chain belt for so long and can't seem to find one anywhere! Any suggestions? I could have exchanged it but I think it just wasn't designed very well and would end up breaking again. Wah. 

Okay so anyway, I move back to uni tomorrow and I am beyond excited to see my chums again! Refreshers come at me. In regards to blogging like I've said before I probably won't be posting as much as I'm busy/don't have people to take my photos, but I will try my best! I've been making the most of my camera this week so will have a couple of outfit posts lined up for the next few days. I don't have a tripod and I'm not taking my SLR camera away with me as I didn't use it much last year. Hopefully will be able to get some decent photos on me trusty iPhone! But yeah, apologies in advance if I'm not as active, but I shall be posting on other social media sites I'm sure :)
Anyone else moving to uni soon?! 

Love Elizabeth xx

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