Saturday, 11 April 2015

11th April Rainbow Pleats

Skort *cringes at the word*- Vintage via Beyond Retro
Boots- ASOS
Turtle Neck- T.K.Maxx (some random brand idk)
Hat- River Island 

I'm slowly trying to get back in to blogging since I've been absent for a while. Okay, since January. I still don't know if I'm gonna continue with it, especially as half the time posting photos of myself just knocks my self esteem down a notch every time ha. Wow I sound super bitter today, sorry in advance- its been a tough week. However today I went and did some retail therapy and scored some awesome goodies in the Monki sale, and walked miles down Oxford Street- who ever says shopping isn't exercise is totally wrong. Anyway, my point is sometimes you need to spend time by yourself and clear your head and think things through. Its easy to behave irrationally when you're emotional and upset, so its important to work through it and try and gain perspective. It's hard, but its possible. Right well enough of my spiritual life story, I shall leave it there. 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dressing Gown-Cape

Maxi- Vintage via Beyond Retro 
Dress- American Apparel 
Boots- ASOS

Firstly, I have no idea why every time i put photos on blogger, they come out pixelated and blurry? it's really annoying since they look so much better on every other format but as soon as they get on blogger? Nahhh. If anyone knows how to fix this or can give me tips, would be much appreciated since I am a techno-NOT. 

Anyway, on to the outfit; is it a shirt? A dressing gown? A dress? Who knows, the point is I can wear it however I want, and i love it. I found it on a sale rail in Beyond Retro for about a tenner, totally worth it! I can't wait for summer so i can throw it on as a jacket and look like I've just walked out of woodstock in the 70's. My wardrobe is pretty much like 80% vintage now, since i now live 15 mins away from Bricklane...whoops. 

It feels like so long since I've actually written a proper blog post, since I've come home from London for a long Easter weekend I decided I'd try and get back in to it! I have 2 months left on placement and then i get to come home for the summer yaaay!! May cannot come quick enough.

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Love Elizabeth xx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My LFW backstage experience

Soo yeah a little different from my usual blogging, but if you've followed me for a while now you may have learned i've been in London interning as part of my uni course since January. Which meant I got to jump in at the start of a fashion cycle and make it all the way to London fashion week! (!!!!x100). The hard work and late nights (3am guys, 3.a.m.) were pretty much worth it to get to go see the show and everything we'd worked to hard to create... 

The show held in the Tate Museum, pre- catwalk of course. Once is started it was full of people, i even spotted Susie Bubble sat somewhere on the Frow!! (and what I thought was Pharell but just turned out to be a man in a hat...was very disappointed)
Backstage in the dressing rooms where the models get dressed in their looks. There was an emergency which resulted in me being a dresser for the show (safe to say I was NOT excited but thinking "wtf help i have no idea what I'm doing and the model will probably walk on to the runway with a thong around her ankle or something")
The two models i dressed for the show (in the dresses I actually cut out a few weeks before, kind of crazy!)
And the insane Louboutins for the show which we had to lace up in record timing- a lot of pressure but they looked amazing. Although the model complained about how painful they were to wear...either way I'm gasping for a pair of thigh-highs now!!

So that was all kind of crazy! But totally worth it to get to see the show. I met some amazing people on my placement (and some...not amazing haha) that quickly became my close friends, and its sad to leave them behind but it was time to start my second placement! (*cough cough* and its at ERDEM how i've got that I'll never know haha!!) Hope you've enjoyed my LFW tales! Did any of you guys go? :)

Love Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

25th Feb; All the Colours

Shirt and trousers- vintage from Beyond Retro
Shoes- ASOS
Bag- River Island

So its official; i survived fashion week!! The 3am finishes and 16 hour days were worth it to get to see the show in all its glory! if you follow me on instagram you probs know all the deets haha! It was a whirlwind day but i took lots of photos so plan to make a blog post if you guys wanna see? But on to the outfit, I got these dreamy vintage pieces in the Beyond Retro sale a couple of weeks back, and decided to go all out with a crazy bag and patterned shoes- go hard or go home i guess. These trousers make me look HUGEEE (as they always do) but they're wool and comfy, plus a dreamy teal colour too. And only £9 so quite the bargain.

I finally have a smidge of time to post again because work is no longer insane and working all hours of the night, plus this is my last week in my current placement! I start somewhere else next monday so i don't get a break really, but hey ho. 

Any of you guys make it to LFW? 
Love Elizabeth xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

20th Feb; Dawn

Jacket- ASOS
Skirt- American Apparel 
Hat- River Island 
Shoes- Public Desire

So I'm sat here writing this post whilst drying my hair before heading to work for another 15 hour day in the studio...yep you got it; Fashion Week chaos. I've literally been coming home at half 11 at night and crashing straight to bed! This interning life is tiring I can tell you. But hopefully it will all be worth it as I get to attend the show on Sunday, making my LFW debut as I've never been before. I'd love to be able to say I plan to dress fabulous and take lots of photos, but in reality I'll be working and will have had about 4 hours sleep. I look like hell at the moment, ironic to say I'm working in fashion. 

I stocked up on photos when i went home for the weekend, and had this jacket waiting for me in the post (sneaky little sale buy just after Christmas). Not gonna lie its so flimsy and poor quality! I thought it would be a lot better especially as the full price was £55- so not worth that. This is the least colourful outfit I've worn in...well, ages, but i wanted to wear the jacket and thought it looked kind of cool with this sheer maxi and chunky boots. Right, must dash and get prepared for another day of pattern and sample cutting. Anyone else heading to LFW this year? 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

14th Feb; Beyond Clueless

Dress- By Me
Polo neck- Primark 
Shoes- Public Desire

I know I channel Cher Horowitz a hell of a lot but this is definitely a solid effort! The iconic yellow plaid outfit is finally in my wardrobe <3 I made it a few months back but just haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I bought this cheap polo neck with wearing it with this dress in mind, its made of crappy material and its so see through but I guess that's to be expected from Primark. 

So I know my blog has been very inactive lately, and it really is due to my placement to be honest; I'm working 12 hour days everyday as well as weekends, and I just don't have a chance to blog unless I come home. And sad as this sounds, I'm not sure I'm going to keep up blogging as at the moment i feel unmotivated and like its kind of pointless. So I'm either going to stop blogging, or do a total re-model of my blog and start from scratch (I already have a few ideas in mind)- new name, new posts etc. Its just lately I feel I'm getting no where with it, and there's so many blogs out there I think mine's just a bit pointless and no one is really bothered if I keep posting or not? Maybe when it gets to summer time and I'm home from placement I'll feel differently, but for now I'm not sure I'll be posting very much.

If anyone has any suggestions about my blog and if they want me to keep posting, then just let me know haha. But I'm thinking this summer of starting a new blog from scratch instead. 

Love Elizabeth xx