Thursday, 22 January 2015

22nd Jan; Lion's Den

Dress- Vintage via Beyond Retro
Shirt- Vintage via Depop
Boots- ASOS

And let the late(ish) night blog post commence...As unfortunately it is the only free time i have these days been a working gal! Yep, in to week number 3 and I've still survived being a poor little fashion intern. So I took these photos when I went home last weekend, and decided to wear one of my Beyod Retro goodies I've bought lately. I got this wool dress marked down the the sale for like £12 or something which I thought was a bargain! I've been after a little mini dress/pinafore type deal for a while to wear over jazzy shirts and stuff. It had some ink stains on it when I bought it, but a little hand soaking and Vanish did the trick! I always seem to wear this shirt lately but it's just so fun and easy to wear, it always brightens up a plain outfit. 

Today is one of those days where everything that can go wrong, HAS gone wrong. And to top it off i've just discovered the sunglasses I bought from Topshop still have the security tag on them, meaning I have to return to store and sort it- excuse the petty moan from me but I'm tired and I have no time...can I split myself in two so another me can get all my errands done?? 

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

17th January; Bumble

Gilet- Topshop
Trousers- River Island 
Top- Miss Guided
Shoes- ASOS
Necklace- CSM x Topshop

Hello cyber world!
I am back, sort of. As you probably know- if you read my blog/follow me on instagram- I'm currently living in London doing fashion internships as part of my uni course. And since coming home for the weekend, this is the only chance I've gotten to blog! I've been working 9-7:30 most days, and its exhausting. So I've come home for the weekend for a sort of mini-break- which of course means blogging and probably alcohol haha. So this dreamy yellow gilet was the only good thing I scored in the January sales, I think I ordered it on Christmas eve just as it came in to the sale- was v. prepared haha. I decided to wear it with my fave trousers- I seem to be living in trousers lately, i don't know why since they're really not flattering and just make me look frumpy, but they are comfy. I do think I need to stop dressing like a 30 year old woman though since I'm only 20...what do you think about the trousers? Should I go back to my mini-skirts again? 

So anyway, i've been very busy in these last two weeks, interning everyday and just generally trying to get used to London life! I admit I really haven't done a lot to say I'm living in the centre, mostly because I'll get home at like 8pm and its too late/im too tired to do anything. Although I did have an adventure to Brick Lane last weekend and found some fab vintage treats hehe! 
Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Love Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blogging Outtakes; Hello 2015

So as you can probably guess from the title, todays blog post is a little different from usual...I was gonna do a round up of fave outfits of 2014 (and yes, I realise it's a bit late since new year was over a week ago) but have seen so many blog posts like that over the last week I was like naaah. And so, for the first time ever, I've decided to make a post of some hilarious- well, I find them hilarious anyway- blogging outtakes. I know I've had far worse than these, but since I've swapped over my laptops I've lost a lot of my old blogging photos!! Maybe one day they will be rediscovered and cringed at, but for now, here are some photos of me looking much less than glamorous. (WARNING: These photos may cause you never to read my blog in the same way again as the magic- if there is any- will surely be ruined in how ugly i look hahahah)
How can I name these photos?..."Moving on camera and looking like a moron?" isn't very catchy. The first one just looks a bit biblical, as in, I look like I've had a profound moment, and the second one my hair has a mind of its own. I'd just like to give a shout out to fellow bloggers with long hair- you feel my pain when its windy and the camera is on. 

The, "I'm not ready for a photo" photos. First of all hair is making an nuisance of itself yet again, and in the second photo I'm probably instructing my photographer- mother- how to get a decent photo which she is clearly ignoring. Nothing worse than looking completely oblivious in a photo!

 Dog photo-bomber; anyone who reads my blog probably sees my little pooch popping up quite a lot (she's a very vain canine), and at the worst of times. As soon as you step outside, she wants to play fetch. And thats how to evacuate her from the frame, throw a ball to the bottom of the garden and then snap, snap, snap the photos. Or just shout "cat" and she'll be off to the bottom of the garden to seek out the intruder (don't worry cat lovers, she just likes the play and has never even gotten close to a cat).

Another not being ready set of photos; looking like i've smelled something bad, and then just generally moving around trying to get dressed. 

And my personal favourite:

I seriously question my sanity looking at this photo hahaha, as my dog clearly is as well. I fully admit that I look like some sort of ape-woman...great. I have crazy eyes as well, kind of look like a hypmatist. 

Anyway hope you've enjoyed these photos of me looking like an idiot, and apologies for lack of posts. I'm in London on placement at the moment, and working 9am till 8pm most days! It's exhausting, and I have no time/way of doing outfit posts! Hopefully I'll manage a couple when I go home next week (if i don't get lost trying to find my way to the station, wish me luck!) 

And HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!
Love Elizabeth xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

4th Jan; Screaming Colour

Shirt- Vintage
Trousers- River Island 
Shoes- Public Desire
Belt- New Look

So first things first; I'M LIVING IN LONDON. Yep, all moved in, stuff unpacked. Aaaaaand all would be all okey dokey, except there's no internet. Or, there is internet, but it doesn't work. So life is shit and I have nothing to do. So how am I posting this blog post you ask? Well god knows so if it actually works its a miracle. Welp. Anyway, I took these photos a few days ago in preparation for my move away and so I would have at least one more post- it's gonna be a while till i can post again so for that I apologise! However I plan to share my life over the wonder that is instagram so you can follow me there @elizabethbryony  for more regular updates! :) 

To be honest, despite only being here for just over 24 hours, I'm not loving London. I feel about 12 and have no idea what I'm doing. And also my parents have only just left so how pathetic is that. I know I don't usually ramble on about my life struggles but I just felt I needed to get it off my chest. Moving to London is MASSIVE for me, I still can't believe it and now it's happened? My flat is ridiculously expensive (might as well get "debt" tattooed on my face) and it's not even nice. There's no internet, no heating, no MICROWAVE- like what is that about?! And the flat hasn't even been cleaned since the last resident moved out. I'm not joking, there's mouldy food in the fridge. Grim. The amount of money I'm paying, it's just not okay. But it's not even optional, I have to do an UNPAID placement as part of my course, preferably in London. Honestly I can't wait to start interning I'm so excited, and just to be out of this little shitty flat will be amazing. Ahh. Anyway, should probably stop rambling on! 

Happy New Year! 

Love Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

31st December; Stick 'o Rock

Jeans- Topshop via eBay
Jacket- Vintage Levis
Top- H&M 
Shoes- Public Desire

Hello all, and happy new year! (depending on when you're reading this haha). Despite the snow and freezing weather, I am still wearing a colourful outfit, and possibly the jazziest jeans you've ever seen. I got these last year on ebay but I've never really worn them as was a bit too self conscious in them...but I think the jacket tones them down a bit which is good! They're so dreamy I wish I had the confidence to wear them all the time. I know in my last post i said i preferred mum jeans to skinnies, and i still stick by that...though if these came in the baggy fit they might look a little too clownish.

In other news, I finally managed to get down to the Christmas sales yesterday...and as usual was very disappointment. I swear I've never been to the sales and found amazing things. Maybe I just get there too late and you need to go at 6am on Boxing day...I think if i suggested that to any of my friends or family I'd get very dirty looks. The only thing i got was a lace dress from topshop for a tenner, and its not even that great. Does anyone ever find anything decent?!

I'm currently prepping myself to get ready for New Years tonight, multi-tasking between that, blogging, and finishing a dress Ive made. Also i've made a very practical investment in a selfie stick (ha) so follow me on instagram for festive life photos!

Love Elizabeth xx

Sunday, 28 December 2014

28th December; Versace and Crochet

Cardigan- Vintage 
Jeans- Vintage Versace 
Top- H&M
Necklace- Sour Cherry
Boots- Public Desire

This was my boxing day outfit, and I took the opportunity to wear my new, bargain vintage Versace jeans (which I got for £6 on a vintage shop sale rail, and they fit like a dream). I much prefer baggy "mom" style jeans now as opposed to skinny jeans...they might not be as flattering, but they're comfier and I think they look better most of the time! These Versace beauties are high waisted as well- my new fave style. I have long legs anyway but high waisted jeans make them look even longer, and slim down my waist! As for the cardigan, I found this gem in a vintage store on Brick Lane in London, and it had to be mine. It was a bit pricy for £25 but then i don't mind paying more for hand crocheted garments! I would have regretted not buying it, I know that much. As you can see these photos were taken before the sudden snow fall, which I've decided I hate as it made a 2 hour journey take 5 hours on the M1 yesterday; ugh. 

It's dawning on me that I only have 6 days left before i move to London and start work placement ahhhh!!! I feel like i have no idea what I'm doing, and no idea how to survive in London. The thought of getting the tube on my own terrifies me; I don't like crowds. But I guess its a challenge, and has to be done!! Hopefully after the 5 months I'm down there I'll be more confident- and slimmer as I plan to diet and actually stick to it this time! I'm very nervous about moving, and just hoping i can survive it and not end up coming home after 2 weeks...I mean, thats unlikely, and knowing me i'll end up loving it and not wanting to come back. If any one lives/has lived in London, I'd really appreciate some tips or your thoughts on what its like to live there as I am bricking it!! (slight pun as i'm living just off Brick Lane? haha)

Love Elizabeth xx